Homeowners, if your mortgage is coming due for renewal this year READ THIS!

FREE Mortgage Transfers is one of the best-kept mortgage secrets. Bankers know that most homeowners don't know or understand FREE transfers and they certainly don't want you to know about them.

Most homeowners with a mortgage don't shop for a new mortgage at renewal time. The few homeowners that do shop for another mortgage do so at the very last moment. This is one reason that the bankers don't notify homeowners about their mortgage renewal until a month before the renewal date. They don't want to give clients any time to shop around. This can cause clients to miss better rates and products that may be available to them prior to their renewal date. Obviously if the interest rates rise during this period the homeowner will pay a higher rate at renewal because they didn't do anything until the actual renewal date.

Bankers know that the majority of homeowners will remain with their existing lender. Bankers also know that the few clients who do negotiate their renewal rate will usually accept a small discount in rate rather than change lenders.

BEWARE: ALL mortgage renewal rates are sent at the posted HIGHER rates.

Bankers will renew existing mortgages at a discounted rate, however this doesn't mean you're getting their best rate. How would anyone know what the best rate is unless they're prepared to start shopping around? You'll never get the best rate if the interest rates have already increased before you received your renewal notice. Bankers don't want to negotiate your mortgage renewal rate, and if they do, they certainly don't want to do so months in advance of the renewal date.

Bankers often offer new clients better interest rates than their existing clients!

Homeowners often think that if they transfer their mortgage to a new lender they'd end up paying penalties and fees. Many homeowners believe that if they change mortgage companies they'll end up paying fees for an appraisal, lawyer and other costs that they paid when they bought their home.


You can transfer your existing mortgage at renewal without paying any fees! NO legal fees. NO appraisal fee. NO CMHC or G.E. Capital fees. And of course you pay NO FEES to us. ZERO COSTS!

The new mortgage company pays all the fees including us. You have nothing to lose with this offer.

What's important to remember is this. If you have a mortgage coming due for renewal DON'T wait for the renewal notice. This is exactly what the bankers expect you to do, and it could end up being a very COSTLY mistake. You may end up paying a HIGHER interest rate than necessary.

How To Beat The Bankers Mortgage Renewal System

Call OTTAWA-CARLETON MORTGAGE months before your mortgage renewal date for your mortgage rate guarantee. We can guarantee you a new mortgage rate 4 months in advance of your mortgage renewal date! This is the big secret that bankers keep quiet about. Many bankers don't know about this 4-month rate guarantee because they don't have it. This one secret could save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

You get the lowest rates GUARANTEED up to 4 months (sometimes longer) before your mortgage renewal notice. There are ZERO costs to you and absolutely NO RISK. If rates are lower during this period, you'll get the lowest rate available. However, if mortgage rates go up you're protected. You have nothing to lose with this offer. You do risk paying more by doing nothing and that of course is what bankers expect you to do.

Smart homeowners get locked in to DISCOUNTED mortgage rates months prior to their mortgage renewal date. This is like insurance only there is no cost to you. We also consider rental properties under our FREE Mortgage Transfer program up to a maximum of four units. Please note, minimum three-year term for all transfers with a minimum mortgage amount of $50,000.00.

If you would like more information call our office today, 613-563-3447. Or order our FREE Mortgage Transfer Report. The majority of our clients qualify for our FREE Mortgage Transfer Service but not all do. Call today to see where you stand.

Find out how you can get the best mortgage:


TermOur Discounted Rates
6 Month Conv 6.44%
1 Year 5.89%
2 Year 4.99%
3 Year 4.99%
4 Year 4.64%
5 Year 4.49%*
6 Year 5.74%
7 Year 5.84%
10 Year


18 Year N/A
25 Year N/A
Fully Open Variable N/A
5 Year Variable 5.80%
Rates subject to change.

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