Grant KingGrant King
Mortgage Broker

Licence# M08000285
Fletcher BerryFletcher Berry
Mortgage Agent
Licence# #M17000138
Joined in 2017
Laurie ClarkeLaurie Clarke
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M08000380
Joined in 2005
Michelina CrothersMichelina Crothers
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M08000381
Joined in 2003
Chris FaubertChris Faubert
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M15000233
Joined in 2015
Dan FaubertDan Faubert
Mortgage Broker
Licence# M08000382
Joined in 1990
Mary GilchristMary Gilchrist
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M08000434
Joined in 2000
Bill Gosewitz and Joanne Mazerolle-GosewitzBill Gosewitz and Joanne Mazerolle-Gosewitz
Mortgage Broker
Licence# M08000440
Licence# M08000376
Joined in 1990
Elaine GregoryElaine Gregory
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M08000383
Joined in 2003
Richard HanoskiRichard Hanoski
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M08000436
Joined in 1997
Steven KingSteven King
Mortgage Broker
Licence #M11002072
Joined in 2011
David LloydDavid Lloyd
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M10000953
Joined in 2016
Mark LegaultMark Legault
Mortgage Broker
Licence# M08000441
Joined in 1995
Simon LegaultSimon Legault
Mortgage Broker
Licence# M16000624
Joined in 2016
Chris LevesqueChris Levesque
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M08000387
Joined in 2003
Len LevesqueLen Levesque
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M08000435
Joined in 2001
Blair MilleyBlair Milley
Mortgage Agent
Licence #M08000443
Joined in 2002
Justin MurrayJustin Murray
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M19000059
Joined in 2019
Bill PalmerBill Palmer
Mortgage Agent
Licence# M08000439
Joined in 2004
Victoria SmithVictoria Smith
Mortgage Broker
Licence# M08000389
Joined in 1997

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TermOur Discounted Rates
6 Month Conv 2.79%
1 Year 1.84%
2 Year 1.84%
3 Year 1.64%
4 Year 1.79%
5 Year 2.09%*
6 Year 2.84%
7 Year 2.44%
10 Year


18 Year N/A
25 Year N/A
Fully Open Variable N/A
5 Year Variable 1.40%
Rates subject to change.

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