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Nous servons maintenant le Québec


Le printemps est finalement arrivé et les oiseaux gazouillent. Cependant, l’été, autrement appelé la saison du déménagement, approche à grand pas! Le temps est venu pour profiter de nos services hypothécaires peut importe où vous êtes au Canada. 

Aurez-vous besoin de services hypothécaires? Nos services hypothécaires sont maintenant disponibles au Québec! Nous nous engageons à fournir une expérience agréable à tous nos clients. 

Résidents du Québec : bénéficiez de nos services locaux. Profitez d’une consultation gratuite aujourd’hui et découvrez comment nos courtiers hypothécaires peuvent vous aider à obtenir les meilleurs taux disponibles.

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House Hunting Tips and Tricks


It’s that time of year again! It’s home-buying season, and that could mean you’ll be busy house hunting, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here are a few helpful tips to make the search a little easier:

It’s better together

Don’t pick up the phone and call the first Open House you see. Not only could it be unsafe, but the house you’re viewing might not be what you’re looking for. Instead of trial and error, hire a realtor. Tell them exactly what’s on your wishlist. They’ll set up all your viewing appointments, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This way, you’ll be looking only at houses that match your criteria, and you won’t be wasting your time. The realtor also gets paid by the seller when you take the home, which means you don’t have to pay them directly.

Speak your mind

Save the trash talk for after the viewing but be sure to voice your opinion. Don’t be afraid to tell your realtor how you feel. You won’t offend them if you don’t like a certain house. It’s their job to find you the perfect dwelling. If you don’t like something, let them know so you don’t end up seeing more of the same.

Take your time

House hunting is a long, tedious process. It’s not something you want to breeze through. If you can, avoid scheduling any activities for two hours after a showing. You don’t want to feel rushed into anything. Take your time and be thorough. Don’t be afraid to get in there and open cupboards, cabinets, drawers, and closets. Get familiar with the place. You’re not snooping, don’t worry. You’re there to gather information, but you can’t do that without taking a look.

Viewings can take several hours; take advantage of the time you’re given. If you end up liking a place, you’ll spend more time there. If you end up really liking a place, you might

want to place an offer immediately. This will add even more time to your stay. Make a day of it and take your time.

Apply for your mortgage pre-approval

A mortgage pre-approval confirms the amount you qualify to borrow and protects you from rate increases for up to 120 days. Mortgage pre-approvals from your bank aren’t a guarantee. Talk to an experienced broker instead. At MortgagesMadeEasy.com, mortgages are all we do. It’s what we’re good at. Take a look at our Guide to Easy Mortgage Approval to get an idea of the paperwork you need for your mortgage pre-approval.

When you’re ready to apply for your mortgage pre-approval, use our secure online form. We’ll get back to you on the same day with the best mortgage in the market for your situation.

Questions? Let’s talk. We can walk you through the process and explain everything you need to know to buy your dream home. Call us at 613-563-3447 or use our contact form.

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4 Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker


We often associate mortgages with banks. Many of our parents got their mortgage from a bank and their parents also got their mortgage from a bank. But are banks the only place to shop for a mortgage? Nope. Enter the mortgage broker.

Mortgage brokers are licensed specialists who work for you. They help home buyers choose the best mortgage option from a variety of lenders. This is one of the key differences between a big bank and a mortgage broker: variety.

More options, more savings

While banks can only offer you their in-house mortgage products, a mortgage broker has access to multiple lenders. With more options to choose from, a mortgage broker is able to find you the best rate on the market. What might look like a small difference­–a few tenths of a percent­­– can mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket for things like renovations, furniture, and travel. With a mortgage broker, you can be confident that you’re getting the best market rate, without having to go from bank to bank.

We do the negotiating for you

When shopping for a mortgage at a bank, the onus is on you to do the negotiating. For many of us, this can be challenging. A mortgage broker, however, does the negotiating for you. Unless you know how to negotiate and you’re familiar with market rates, a mortgage broker will be able to get you a better rate.

We’re on your side

Banks look out for themselves. We look out for you. You don’t pay for a broker’s service; we receive commission from the lending institution, which means our focus is finding you the best mortgage option.

The Mortgage Experts

Financial advisors deal with many products: credit cards, lines of credit, investments, insurance, the list goes on and on. Mortgage brokers, however, only deal with one thing: mortgages. Because we only deal with one product, we understand that product very well. We can provide you with expert advice, guidance, and suggestions. With a mortgage broker, you have the comfort of having a mortgage expert on your side, helping you find you the best rates and options.

Find out how you can get the best mortgage. Book a free consultation and we’ll help you get one step closer to your dream home.


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